About Us

Lucid Audio Project is an instrument cable company based out of Birmingham, Alabama.  The company was created to offer musicians, not only the best cables on the market but the best value as well.  All Lucid Audio Project cables are handmade in the USA with the highest quality parts and backed with a Lifetime Warranty!  You will not find a better product and service at the value we provide.  Read the reviews and give us a try.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

L6C SERIES: Wireless Transmitter Upgrade Cables

The L6C series has been called the most popular wireless transmitter cable on the market and for good reason.  Just like everyone else with a Line 6, Shure, AKG, & Sennheiser wireless system, we got tired of spending hard earned money on poor quality replacement cables that just don’t cut it.  The stock cable, as well as many of the other replacement cables out there, are just sub-par so we decided to design a cutting edge studio quality/tour ready replacement upgrade cable for your wireless system.

If you’re tired of poor cable quality with your premium wireless rig, do yourself a favor and get a Lucid Audio Project cable today.  You won’t regret it and will see why Lucid Audio Project is the go-to for musicians that are serious about their playing and sound.  Still unsure, read the reviews to see why Lucid Audio Project cables are the world’s most popular replacement cables on the market.

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LiFeLINE SERIES: Super Low Capacitance Instrument Cables

In today’s heavy use of wireless, there are still many musicians that just don’t like the wireless concept and need an instrument cable that not only works but sounds clear and can take a beating.  Our  LiFeLINE guitar cable series does just that and looks good doing it too!

LiFeLINE is the perfect instrument cable for those looking for a transparent signal path to their amp.  With its relatively flat frequency response and super low capacitance, this cable is perfect for ANY instrument – guitar, bass, keyboard, you name it!  Do yourself a favor and stop buying cables that color and degrade your signal.  Your amp and your instrument are for tone, not your cable.

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How to Purchase:

Buy direct! Feel free to make your purchase right here on our website. Our entire website is SSL secure (https) and we use Amazon Pay and Stripe to securely process all transactions so your information is kept safe. We accept all debit and credit cards. You pick your favorite payment method!

Purchase from your favorite stores! We know everyone has their favorite online stores, so we offer many purchase options for you. You can also purchase our cables from your favorite online retailers: eBay, Reverb.com, & Amazon. Our official online retailer, MusicRoxx, holds both prestigious Power Seller and Top Rated Seller statuses on eBay. MusicRoxx also has stellar ratings on Amazon and is ranked a Preferred Seller on Reverb.com.

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