Call of All

Call of All uses Lucid Audio Project


American Alt. Rock band Call of All, reminiscent of iconic appeal and the nostalgia that the Rock arena and world once knew, is showing all of the signs of stardom and leading a revolution in the paradigm shift of the cultural pendulum.

From soul churning, cloud 9 anthems to captivating world stopping ballads that hold your head in sway, and keeping you there long after the day is done, Call of All, composed of Hunter Watson and Cody Webb, is an asteroid destined for impact. Their sound reminds you of a familiar yet fresh and reinvented blend of many big name artists such as 30 Seconds to Mars, Daughtry, Breaking Benjamin, and AudioSlave.

Fronted by emerging actor and model Hunter Watson, who has been featured on The CW’s “The Originals” & “The Vampire Diaries” and has a series of pending appearances set to air on network television and feature films in 2016, is also making waves after joining the roster of internationally renowned modeling agency BMG Models and Talent.

Guitarist Cody Webb is the front man for the Rock band Ages Apart and producer atBelmont Lane Productions. Cody made a big splash in the entertainment industry in 2015 from touring the U.S. with multi-platinum Rock band Hinder, to landing a sponsorship with EMG pickups, and working behind the scenes producing various artists with singles going to radio throughout 2016.

With engines firing in all realms of the entertainment world, and a cumulative social media reach of over 100,000 fans across social media networks beginning to seethe at their every move. Call of All (@CallofAll), Hunter Watson (@HunterCallofAll), and Cody Webb (@CodyWebbmusic) spent the year of 2015 dancing with the media world, with a series of national press releases, powered by Belinda Foster of AWJ Platinum PR (Los Angeles, CA), ranging from modeling contracts to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Breakout Model declarations, endorsements from the music industry’s top brands such as “EMG Pickups” and “Singing Success”, national Rock tours, network television debuts, and primetime commercials. Call of All is set to explode, and the final number on this ticking time bomb is 2016!

With the highly anticipated debut album “War & Illusion” set to release in 2016, Call of All is preparing to shift into overdrive and let the buzz from the media world take over the general public.

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