ERVASA uses Lucid Audio Project


Ervasa is a post hardcore band out of Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania. Formed in the fall of 2014. They released a self produced ep titled “interrogation” not short after beginning the band. In the summer of 2015, ervasa released their second ep, “A Lost Soul” professionally produced by Lee Fenstamaker of isolate studios in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Since the first release, ervasa has played countless shows. Recently they have been headlining shows all over the state of Pennsylvania, gaining the attention of the media, even playing on the local rock radio station 97.9X!

Their third ep release, an acoustic rendition of their second ep “A Lost Soul” featured the best songs from the album. They received very good feedback, and it shows that they also have music talents outside of metal. On June 21, 2016, Ervasa released their 4th studio ep. With members, Derek Nowak, Tony Vaitsopoulos, John Ratajczak, Austin Boyer, Jeremy Melton, and Jamie Lanuziata.  Recorded, mixed, and mastered by their own guitarist, John Ratajczak, it is their best release yet. They had planned for more than 6 songs, but not every one of them made the cut. Through member changes, and songs not making the album, Ervasa has finally found their sound. 6 track ep “Awakening” went on sale June 21, 2016.

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