LiFeLINE Premium Guitar, Bass, Instrument Cable

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Tour Toughness.  Studio Quality Sound.

  • 20 pF/ft Super Low Capacitance
  • 95% Overall Copper Braided Shield
  • 100% Coverage Inner Conductive PVC Shield
  • High Conductivity Oxygen Free Copper
  • THICK 20 AWG Inner Conductor
  • Transparent Signal Path
  • Very Flexible PVC Jacket
  • Heavy Duty (Connectors & Cable)
  • Excellent Frequency Response


Tour Toughness.  Studio Quality Sound.

Open your tone!  LiFeLINE series is our premium, top of the line, handmade instrument cable.  LiFeLINE is made up of high quality components featuring Heavy Duty Neutrik 1/4″ connectors ( your choice of Right-Angle, Straight, or both) and top of the line super low capacitance cable.  Premium grade solder is used to secure solid solder points and provide excellent signal flow.  Each cable is run through a 3 point inspection prior to shipping so that it’s ready every time you are.

In today’s heavy use of wireless, there are still many musicians that just don’t like the wireless concept and need a cable that not only works, but sounds clear and can take a beating.  LiFeLINE does just that and looks good doing it too!  Our LiFeLINE series is the perfect instrument cable for those looking for a transparent signal path to their amp.  Do yourself a favor and stop buying cables that color your signal.  Your amp and your instrument are for tone, not your cable.

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5ft, 10ft, 15ft, 20ft, 25ft, 30ft

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Straight + Straight, Straight + Right-Angle, Right-Angle + Right-Angle

8 reviews for LiFeLINE Premium Guitar, Bass, Instrument Cable

  1. Jake Fountain

    Signal is amazing. You wouldn’t believe the difference in your quality of sound. Try them out!

  2. shredderjosh

    Best cable on the planet. Period.

  3. Nate

    Changed my tone and my opinion on high end guitar cables. I was using monster cable before upgrading to Lucid Audio Project cables and didn’t realize how bad it affected my signal. Since using Lucid Audio Project cables my guitar rig has come alive. Even our FOH sound engineer noticed a huge difference.

  4. Steve

    I was skeptical and thought, here we go with another “top of the line” guitar cable. I can honestly say after buying this cable I’m a believer in this company’s products, I’ve outfitted my entire setup with all Lucid Audio Project cables. Can’t beat’em.

  5. Kevin from GA

    5 Stars all the way!

  6. guitarman77

    Crazy fast shipping! Love the cable! Thanks guys!

  7. Hamm

    This cable has been through some of my toughest gigs and performed flawlessly. Out of all the cables I’ve ever used, Mogami, Canare, Monster, etc this one is by far the best yet.

  8. Phillip

    So I bought this cable because I’ve heard great things about it from friends of mine that I gig with. Wow! I’m blown away by the difference in signal quality over my previous cables. Being an engineer, I’m curious as to how Lucid does it. I’ll be back for more and will spread the word. Thanks!

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